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KIPPHARDT Bau- und Industriemaschinen - Renting


Renting instead of purchasing. A real alternative. Expand your financial room for manoeuvre. The stock of rental equipment provided by RentThePower, our subsidiary company, guarantees as-new machinery with the power and technology that you need for your particular use.

KIPPHARDT Bau- und Industriemaschinen - Renting

The correct machine for every need. On the construction site, precisely when its needed. And not a day longer than necessary.

Renting of construction machinery, construction equipment and construction vehicles with certain extras:

  • A comprehensive range from the smallest unit through to a 50 t machine

  • The latest machinery from the leading manufacturers

  • Highest possible levels of availability

  • With tools for every use.

  • Individual insurance protection

  • Just in time delivery

  • Purchase your rental machine - possible at any time

Rent the Power - rent instead of buying.

The alternative: rent without any conditions, check thoroughly, then purchase at a competitive price.