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KIPPHARDT Bau- und Industriemaschinen - Surface Treatment Technology

Surface treatment technology

Alongside the sale of leading manufacturer construction machinery, we have a specialist department responsible for the design, building and processing of products for use in corrosion protection or surface treatment.

Our Blasting Enclosures are based on a modular design. Thus individual components can be changed to achieve a desired individual result. In addition we offer a range of blasting grit recovery systems.

We can install filter systems with pneumatic cleaning in our mobile or stationary dust extraction systems, as required.

We supply radial/ axial fans of different sizes for ventilation and extraction purposes.

Our range also includes blasting grit preparation containers and mobile or stationary large steel tanks.

We also offer technically interesting solutions in the field of compressed-air conditioning.

We offer pneumatically or electrically drivenAirless paint spraying equipment.

To complete the product range listed we also provide "Blaster Protection" equipment.

  Our product range includes products from the following well-known manufacturers, amongst others:

KIPPHARDT Bau- und Industriemaschinen - Surface Treatment Technology